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Dear Baby,

It has been 39 whole weeks, and it is a full moon tonight. Don't you think it's about time to get moving?! Mama's had a haircut and a pedicure, which means I'm READY!! My bags are packed, plus one for you, one for Daddy, and some other random stuff I'm sure we'll just lug in and out of the car without using :)

I've got your room ready, casseroles frozen, and even bought a video camera! Please, please don't get too comfy in there ~ Mama's so anxious to meet you! You're not even born yet, but have already got me on the verge of a meltdown with all this waiting, Little One. My ankles are swollen, face is splotchy, and I'm so tired I don't even care ;)

Daddy would like for you to come soon, too. Every time I call him, he thinks it's THE CALL, and is probably getting tired of it. Ha! But what else do I have to do while twiddling my thumbs but to call him all day asking him to swing by Walmart on the way home and get another one of those clear plastic bins so I can organize our washcloths?!

Well, I suppose you'll come when you're ready (or the doctor is ready, one!). I've waited this long to meet you ~ what's a few more days? You're worth it, Baby Boy!!



Anonymous said...

You baby boy will be here soon - I promise! You're doing great, Mama!
Aunt Anne

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