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My Sweetie Pie

Valentine's Day was on a Monday this year, and that is also the day we go to Kindermusik class. So, we got to take Valentines to all Ben's little buddies. We thought bubbles would be fun since there's not much candy-eating going on around this house (yet!)...
Then it was time for a little Valentine's Day gift from Mama and Daddy. Oh, the fun of opening a present!!

A new bath toy!! This cool thing has stackable pieces, and even has a battery and squirts out water....F-U-N!! Daddy's idea for a new "do":
One happy fella!! ***love him***


Let it Sunshine!

I'm a little behind on posting, but had some pictures from a wonderful weekend we had a few weeks ago! FINALLY, the snow was all gone away and the weather was beautiful (and warm for January!!). For starters, Ben slept until 7:30 both days ~ YEAAHHHHH!!!! That was a heavenly treat that rarely happens. Saturday, we ran errands and just hung around the house playing with Ben. I put a roast in the crock pot, so dinner was DONE with minimal effort. On Sunday, we took advantage of the gorgeous sunshine by picking up Pal’s and going to Winged Deer Park. Ben loved running around in the open field, and was so cute testing us to see how far he could go before we called him back to our blanket. He’d run 10 steps and look at us, then run 10 more and look back, until we said, “Ben, come here!” The he’d come all the way back and do it again.

When we first got there, we got all the food out and he was toddling around the blanket, eager to go explore in the grass, so he didn’t respond the first few times I asked him to come eat. Then I said, “I’ve got French fries…” and BAM! He did a 180° and was ALL ears, ready to eat! We laughed and laughed!!

It was a wonderful lunch, despite the fact that Ben managed to step on not one, but two sandwiches…mine AND his. He was even sitting down when he stepped on his – I have no idea how that happened, but there was indeed a cheese-covered piece of bread stuck to his shoe….more belly laughs!!! (yes, I ate my hamburger anyway!)

After we ate and relaxed a little on the blanket while Ben played, we headed over to the slides where Ben had a BALL. It was an hour past his nap time when we finally left, and he was still signing “MORE”!!