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Thanksgiving 2013

We got crafty this Thanksgiving and made a turkey wreath for the door.  Ben named him "Tom" after Uncle Tom.  Not saying Uncle Tom's a turkey, or anything....ha, ha!!

We managed to get a pretty decent picture with the grandparents!

And, the whole family....I can't believe everyone was looking AND smiling!!

Ben and Anna both had fun things going on at school for Thanksgiving.  Anna had a sweet little special "dinner" in her classroom.  We brought turkey cupcakes to share and it was a huge mess.  Maybe we'll try that again in a few years :)

Ben's class and the other four year old class came together as the Pilgrims and Indians and shared a HUGE Thanksgiving dinner, "catered" by the parents.  He wore a cool Indian shirt he made in class with his name "Chief Bird Tracks" on the front.

One cold Saturday, I thought Ben would enjoying going to see his first movie in a theater.  So, we went to "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2".  Although Ben had fun, I wouldn't call it a complete success.  Despite my best efforts, his popcorn and kiddie size candy, plus a piece or two of mine, was gone 10 minutes into the movie (darn previews took 20 minutes!!).  After that, he wanted more - of course, I said no.  After that, he was pretty much ready to go.  The movie was not even half over!  We were at Reel to Real, the discount movie theater (ha!), and about that time, the movie skipped and the sound no longer matched the picture.  When it became clear they were not going to fix it (not suprised), I decided to call it quits!  Maybe we'll try again in a few months, hopefully we can hit a movie that will keep his attention :)

Mommy and Ben at the movies!

Our first big snow of the season was in November.  Ben and Anna had a ball!

Suited up to swing!!  Brrrrrr!!!


Fall 2013: Part 2

More Fall Fun!

We took a trip to the Knoxville Zoo on warm Sunday in October.  It was Anna's first trip ever!  And, Ben hadn't been since he was 2, so it was really fun to see how excited they were.  The highlight was getting to feed a giraffe! 



Anna didn't know what to think about the elephants....they're pretty big!

Ben was all about the petting zoo, but Daddy had to give Anna a little extra support to pet the goats :)

Yee ha!

We also had our annual family reunion "Sumner/Caldwell".  Ben had a BALL playing with cousins Hank and Tyler.

Halloween was super fun this year....Ben had the coolest astronaut costume, and Anna was a precious little lady bug.

Trick or Treating in Lake Ridge neighborhood with all our little friends...



Fall 2013: Part 1

Noteworthy happenings this fall....

Ben played his first team sport!  Number 11 on the soccer field:

Fun times watching Chandler's football games...



Of course, Fall wouldn't be complete without a trip to Fender's Farm!



Mimi came to visit ~ always a fun time :)

And Anna took a pony ride at a fun birthday party!