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So I Don't Forget...

Just a few things I've made sure to write down lately so I won't ever forget...these times are so sweet and I love our days together :)

The other day as I walked down the hall to pick Ben up at school, he sees me coming and shouts, "Mommy! There's my mommy! I SEE MY MOMMY!"  He had the biggest grin ever, and so did I.  Lately, all his papers that come home have his name on them (practicing for Kindergarten), and every time, close to his name, he has written MOM.  I love it that he is thinking about me at school!

We just turned Ben's carseat around to be forward facing. 
Here he is on his first ride, hanging on!  It was SUPER cute and fun!

"Anna Speak"  Anna has a precious way of talking, and I understand 99% of it.  To others, it requires translation, though.  Some of my favorites:

"Dit me downy here! Me weally weally tuck!!"
Translation:  Get me down from here!  I'm really, really stuck!

When Ben is hurt, mad, crying, etc: "torry, beebee. ah you otay?"  (Sorry, Ben.  Are you OK?)

When she doesn't recognize a sound: "dat noise , mommy?!!"

"Me what middie mose cub hose!"
Translation:  I (want to) watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Anna is such a sweet little girl.  She noticed once I had a Band-Aid on my foot and came crawling over on hands and knees to kiss my "boo boo".  She comes to find me whenever she has a poopy diaper, and when I pick her up, she always lays her head on my shoulder so sweetly that I hardly even mind changing it!  Just like this...except Uncle Tom is definitely not going to change a dirty diaper!!

Anna just made Uncle Tom's day!

Anna's eyes have been changing in the past year...they are getting a litle more hazel, and look a beautiful gray color most days, depending on what she's wearing!

My sweet peas...I love to hear them running wild around the house, giggling at each other, playing chase, so happy....sometimes ;)

New Christmas PJs

At the end of the day when it's bedtime, these two seem to unite against Mommy and Daddy to drag the routine out as long as possible! 

Ben's routine is we sit in his chair and if it's Daddy, Ben gets stories; if it's Mommy, he gets songs.  Usually these:  1. Twinkle Twinkle, 2.  Itsy Bitsy Spider, 3. the "friend song" (Silver and Gold from my Girl Scout days, ha ha!!), 4.  I love you, 5.  Jingle Bells.  I occasionally get asked for The Fan Song, a song that Daddy made up for him about air conditioning units (the latest obsession - we must count them everywhere we go!).  Then it's prayers and in bed.

For Anna, Mommy usually puts her to bed.  We hold her blankie and all her "friends" (Bunny, Bert, Minnie and Mickey, and hopefully no one else, ha!) and sing a little song.  Recently, she got the idea that mom takes requests ;)  So, she has started wanting the Mickey Mouse song every night (from TV Cartoons).  Every now and then (when she doesn't want to go to bed yet) she will ask for the Poo Poo song, doo doo song, poopy pee pee song or something similar.  Thanks to Dad for teaching them that one - ha!!  I just tell her I don't know that song!!

Then it's to bed, and we get up and do it all again at 7:00 the next morning.  Puzzles and more puzzles for Anna; marble runs and tinker toys for Ben.  Fun times with my babies that I never want to forget :)


Busy Day!

Fun times yesterday...crafts for Valentine's Day, homemade pizzas for lunch, and we must have worked 5 puzzles!  Now, what's left for our snow day today since school is cancelled??!  HA!