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February Fun :)

February had tons of fun for us...lots of it just our "everyday" routine, and I forget sometimes to blog about those sweet times, so here it is!

We had lots of fun celebrating Valentine's Day.  Ben fingerpainted a beautiful heart garland for us to hang in the breakfast room :)  The highlight of February 1 - 14 was waking up each morning to see what was in their Valentines mailboxes (made for less than $3 each!!).  I put a small piece of candy in them the first day, and quickly decided I didn't want to fight them wanting to eat it before breakfast (when we checked the "mail") every day!  So, from then on it was Dollar Store toys...the day I took a photo, it was a recorder for Ben and a clapper for Anna.

Ben had a Valentine's Day party at school, of course, and loved eating pizza and bringing cupcakes for the class.

It snowed several times last month, so we took a few "snow baths"....hey, anything to kill some time on those loooong, cold days when everything's closed due to weather, and we're stuck inside!!

Ben was excited to dress up for "Cowboy Day" at school!  His teacher Mrs. Linda loves him so much, and she really does FUN stuff with his class. 

Anna enjoyed fingerpainting with prunes, ha ha!!  At first when I gave them to her, she (of course) took a lick and made a face.  Ten minutes later, I look over and she practically has the bowl on her head licking all the prunes out!!  She really will eat most anything we give her, sweet girl!!!

Our precious babies ~ just hanging out watching cartoons!