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Number of times Ben has peed during a diaper change in 2 years:  2, maybe 3

Number of times Anna has peed and/or poo'd during a diaper change in 2 weeks:  at LEAST 7 or 8!!

My goodness...I thought that was supposed to be a "boy" thing!!  We've had several good laughs lately, and this has been the source of a few.  Most times it happens to me, but last night Mark was the victim and WHOA, did it catch him off guard.  He acted like he'd been shot, and I couldn't stand up straight I was laughing so hard!!  Meanwhile, Ben's so confused (why is Mommy laughing?  Will she laugh if I do that??) and perplexed, plus pretty interested in this whole pee/poop thing due to recent attempts to begin potty training ~ that is a whole different source of entertainment.  If you could see him checking this whole diaper changing business out, you'd see what I mean!  :)

Anna ~ her second week

Speaking of diapers, Mark thought it would be amusing to put one of Anna's diapers on Ben the other day.  Newborn sized - they say "up to 10 lbs".  Well, Ben weighs 28 pounds and that little bitty diaper looked like a Speedo on him!! 

Anna's diaper vs. Ben's diaper
Another funny...probably overly funny in my mind due to sleep deprivation, but hey ~ I enjoyed a good belly laugh all the same.  Last night, Mark and Ben were playing in Ben's room and he comes bounding in our room holding his "Ben-sized" stuffed Elmo....and Elmo is actually wearing a pair of Ben's pyjamas!  I don't know why that struck me so funny.  Unexpected, maybe?  Anyway, Elmo is still wearing the PJs today and I've had several more giggles when I've seen him out of the corner of my eye!


What's Ben Been Doing?

With all the excitement over new baby Anna, you might think Ben could be feeling a bit left out.  Well, fear not - this boy has had an action-packed few weeks for sure!!

He's been eating donuts at the farmer's market...

...snoozing with Daddy on Saturday mornings :)

Riding his new tricycle (he's not really into the pedaling thing yet, though...just being pushed!)

Having a ball at big brother's soccer games...even wearing a cool Manchester U. jersey!!

Playing golf with Daddy...

...and his MOST favorite activity of the summer...going to the POOL!


Bringing Baby Home...

Goodness, time is just FLYING by with little Anna!!  So much has happened in her little baby world ~ here's what we've been up to for the past two weeks!

We brought Anna home two days after she was we are ready to leave the hospital!

We had a little bit of trouble with the carseat, even though it's the same one we used for Ben.  Anna and Ben were close to the same size, but it seemed like we couldn't get the seat to go small enough for petite little Anna!  Mark and the nurse worked on it for a while and we finally felt good about keeping her safe for that 5 minute drive home :)

First ride in the car!!

She had a tiny, tiny bit of jaundice ~ so little that the doctors didn't even require any follow-up.   So, we tried to get her a lot of sunshine the first few days.  Turns out that's hard when you've got them bundled up keeping warm!!  Here she is looking very Elvis-like with her shirt open to let some skin show, sitting by the window...

Out on her first stroller ride!  I was itching to get outside and enjoy this "cooler" weather we've been having.  She did GREAT riding in the stroller, and even slept better that night.  Of course, I took her for a stroller ride the exact same time the next day, hoping for another good such luck, ha ha!!

Anna's big brothers think she's pretty neat.  I love this picture - it's the first time Ben got to hold his sister.  We'd been keeping them separate as much as possible because Ben had a 102° fever the night before we brought Anna home (YIKES!), but fortunately, that was the worst of it.  So, I think he was pretty sweet!!

Anna's first visit to the doctor ~ Granddaddy Raoul!

Our sleeping beauty :) 


Anna's Birthday

So, Anna's really here...I can't believe how fast it all happened!  One day, I'm at my 39 week appointment (38 weeks and 6 days actually), and the next minute, I'm crying all the way home because the doctor has told me they want to induce tomorrow!!  Mama's not ready!!  Of course, I couldn't wait to meet my sweet baby girl, but I was not prepared at all mentally (nor was my to-do list in good shape yet, ha!!).  But, it was in baby's best interest...several weeks ago, my belly started measuring small so they did an ultrasound and estimated she weighed 6 lb 4 oz.  So, at that last appointment when another ultrasound indicated she weighed the same as she did 2 weeks ago, the doctor thought since we were so close to the due date, it didn't make sense to wait any longer.

In the end, though, it all ended up working out wonderfully.  Just like with Ben's birth, we really couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience, and for that we are so very thankful :)  Here's how the day went....

Friday, 9/2/11:  We arrived at Franklin Woods Hospital at 6:20 and unpacked our bags in room 1412.  I filled out all the paperwork and got "hooked up" to the IV and baby monitor. 

7:30 - Nurse Cindy starts the pitocin drip
8:30 - Dr. Bevins says I'm 3 cm and 50% effaced, so it's time to break my water!
10:30 - Mom and Ernest arrive for the big event :)
11:30 - Nurse anethesist comes to do the epidural (I didn't want to get stuck waiting over 2 hours like last time!),

and we wait, wait, wait....

Passing time on the laptop while the meds start to work!

Finally at 2:15 Nurse Cindy says we're at 5 cm, then just 30 minutes later, at 8 cm.  Daddy immediately starts running around the room getting everything ready!!  I think that's when he put his game face on, ha!

At 3:25 it was time to push, and Baby Anna was born just perfect at 3:39 p.m!

Here she is, just minutes old!!

7 lb 5 oz...boy were they wrong about that "not growing in the past two weeks" bit!! (Praise God!)

~ Mama, Daddy and Baby Anna ~

Proud Daddy (Anna, when you read this one day, I want you to know your dad couldn't stop saying how beautiful you were!!!)

Proud Big Brothers, too!!!


Beautiful Baby Anna

Just a quick picture (or four, ha!) from the hospital nursery of our little girl...Mark and I just can't stop looking at her and saying how gorgeous she is!  (Proud parents, huh?!)


She's Here!

~ Susanah Julia Williams ~

September 2, 2011
3:39 p.m.

7 lb 5 oz!