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Anna's Birthday

So, Anna's really here...I can't believe how fast it all happened!  One day, I'm at my 39 week appointment (38 weeks and 6 days actually), and the next minute, I'm crying all the way home because the doctor has told me they want to induce tomorrow!!  Mama's not ready!!  Of course, I couldn't wait to meet my sweet baby girl, but I was not prepared at all mentally (nor was my to-do list in good shape yet, ha!!).  But, it was in baby's best interest...several weeks ago, my belly started measuring small so they did an ultrasound and estimated she weighed 6 lb 4 oz.  So, at that last appointment when another ultrasound indicated she weighed the same as she did 2 weeks ago, the doctor thought since we were so close to the due date, it didn't make sense to wait any longer.

In the end, though, it all ended up working out wonderfully.  Just like with Ben's birth, we really couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience, and for that we are so very thankful :)  Here's how the day went....

Friday, 9/2/11:  We arrived at Franklin Woods Hospital at 6:20 and unpacked our bags in room 1412.  I filled out all the paperwork and got "hooked up" to the IV and baby monitor. 

7:30 - Nurse Cindy starts the pitocin drip
8:30 - Dr. Bevins says I'm 3 cm and 50% effaced, so it's time to break my water!
10:30 - Mom and Ernest arrive for the big event :)
11:30 - Nurse anethesist comes to do the epidural (I didn't want to get stuck waiting over 2 hours like last time!),

and we wait, wait, wait....

Passing time on the laptop while the meds start to work!

Finally at 2:15 Nurse Cindy says we're at 5 cm, then just 30 minutes later, at 8 cm.  Daddy immediately starts running around the room getting everything ready!!  I think that's when he put his game face on, ha!

At 3:25 it was time to push, and Baby Anna was born just perfect at 3:39 p.m!

Here she is, just minutes old!!

7 lb 5 oz...boy were they wrong about that "not growing in the past two weeks" bit!! (Praise God!)

~ Mama, Daddy and Baby Anna ~

Proud Daddy (Anna, when you read this one day, I want you to know your dad couldn't stop saying how beautiful you were!!!)

Proud Big Brothers, too!!!


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