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Number of times Ben has peed during a diaper change in 2 years:  2, maybe 3

Number of times Anna has peed and/or poo'd during a diaper change in 2 weeks:  at LEAST 7 or 8!!

My goodness...I thought that was supposed to be a "boy" thing!!  We've had several good laughs lately, and this has been the source of a few.  Most times it happens to me, but last night Mark was the victim and WHOA, did it catch him off guard.  He acted like he'd been shot, and I couldn't stand up straight I was laughing so hard!!  Meanwhile, Ben's so confused (why is Mommy laughing?  Will she laugh if I do that??) and perplexed, plus pretty interested in this whole pee/poop thing due to recent attempts to begin potty training ~ that is a whole different source of entertainment.  If you could see him checking this whole diaper changing business out, you'd see what I mean!  :)

Anna ~ her second week

Speaking of diapers, Mark thought it would be amusing to put one of Anna's diapers on Ben the other day.  Newborn sized - they say "up to 10 lbs".  Well, Ben weighs 28 pounds and that little bitty diaper looked like a Speedo on him!! 

Anna's diaper vs. Ben's diaper
Another funny...probably overly funny in my mind due to sleep deprivation, but hey ~ I enjoyed a good belly laugh all the same.  Last night, Mark and Ben were playing in Ben's room and he comes bounding in our room holding his "Ben-sized" stuffed Elmo....and Elmo is actually wearing a pair of Ben's pyjamas!  I don't know why that struck me so funny.  Unexpected, maybe?  Anyway, Elmo is still wearing the PJs today and I've had several more giggles when I've seen him out of the corner of my eye!


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