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First Big Snow of 2013!

Anna's First Snow Adventure! 

Two minutes later...

A few weeks ago, we had a really fun HUGE snow! It was Anna's first true opportunity to experience the fluffy stuff :) She was pretty interested for a minute or two, but as soon as she fell over once or twice (and couldn't get back up by herself!), she just wanted to be held. So, I held her while Daddy and Ben made an awesome snow man...complete with a carrot nose!

Then the boys went sledding in the backyard while the girls warmed up and dried off inside.  We have the perfect sledding hill in the backyard for little ones.  Ben rode on Daddy's back several times, and then even went down by himself (with his sweet daddy running beside him the whole way down to make sure he didn't crash into a tree :)

Miss Anna watched from the window and laughed at the snowballs Daddy threw at her!

Later on, we made snow ice cream with sprinkles...YUM!