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Coming Home...

It's hard to believe it was a whole week ago today that we came home from the hospital with our sweet baby boy :) He's 9 days old today and it has flown by! Here's his first week in review:

His official hospital photo at 2 days old ~ what a cutie!!

Here we are..."ready" to leave the hospital (not really!!)

First ride in the carseat...I cried and cried when it was time to leave the hospital, but we made it home in one piece! (With Mama holding Ben's head the whole time so it wouldn't touch that mean old plastic piece on the straps - ha!)

Mark has been the BEST daddy over this past week! Our first two nights at home were pretty rough. Ben's demand for milk was WAY outpacing my ability to supply, being so early, so we had a fussy boy with a growling tummy who did not want to sleep for 2 days!! We got through it, though, and Daddy's been wonderful about helping with nursing sessions, changing diapers, and most of all (BEST of all!) loving on our little baby :) Look at the smile on Ben's face!

Monday after we came home, it was time to pay the pediatrician a visit and see how his weight was doing. Verdict: not great. He had lost 15% of his body weight, BUT, was not dehydrated and everything else looked wonderful - especially his color and lack of jaundice, said the doctor. Here we are ~ first dr. visit!

Grandaddy Raoul is his pediatrician...who better to love and care for our baby?! So, we decided to supplement his nursing with formula and see how he was doing in three days. Well, Thursday, it was declared a record weight gain - 12 oz in three days!! (We were hoping for 0.5 - 1.0 oz per day) Yay Ben! At 7 lbs 2 oz, he is well on his way to getting back to birth weight.

Finally, to celebrate Ben's 1 week birthday, we got out of the house and took a stroller ride.
More to come on Baby Ben ~ we had quite an adventurous photography session with him on Wednesday (it involved lots of poop, if that gives you a hint!)


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