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11 days and counting...

Well, I hope only 11 more days. Not much news at the doctor yesterday for my 38 week checkup ~ maybe 1 cm dilated, but that's it. Boo!! I told myself I would not be disappointed if that was the case because it doesn't necessarily correlate to when the baby will come, but I was a little bummed after that. On Tuesday, I had this awful pelvic pain for hours and TONS of Braxton Hicks, and when I called about it the doctor on call said it was my pelvic bones separating due to the baby moving down, and to just sit and rest. SO, given that event I guess I was expecting more progress. Oh well!!

The up-side is that Mark and I still have time to get ready for this little sweetie. I've done several loads of laundry with the baby detergent, washing everything from clothes to Boppy covers to sheets and towels. We got the carseat and bases installed in both cars and passed a check at the fire department with flying colors ~ the fireman said Mark was only the 4th person of HUNDREDS he's inspected since getting certified that got it right the first time. Wow. Go Mark!!! (And everyone else - go have your carseats checked!!) So, we practiced with the seat a little, adjusting the straps and all's not as simple as you'd think. Here's the temporary occupant/guinea pig for the carseat (yes, I have been riding around like this - ha!!)

We also got a bed set up for Mom in our family room so she'll have a "real" place to sleep when she comes. Tonight we're going to work on finalizing the nursery ~ I think I've been putting it off because I just don't know what to do with the furniture arrangement. More specifically, whether or not to use the hutch that came with the dresser or shelves. So, I keep moving it to the end of my list since the baby won't be sleeping in there at first anyway. But as soon as I get all that figured out, I'll post some pics. :) Here's another belly one in the meantime....


Tomika said...

His car seat matches Tamyra's bedding! :)

Anonymous said...

i love the pictures and your baby love him thanks

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