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40 Weeks and Stilllllllll Going!

Ok, today's the "big" day, and I'm afraid it's going to come and go uneventfully! Except for some false labor last Friday night, I feel EXACTLY the same as I did a week ago (plus some back pain). None of the typical signs are appearing - I'm not even feeling very "nesty" due to the need to run back to bed and put the heating pad back on every time I try to do anything ~ Ha!!

I do have my next appointment tomorrow (Wednesday), so we'll see how we're coming. Then if he's not here yet, Thursday's the real Big Day!!! I'm scheduled for induction at 6:00 a.m., Thursday the 16th. I'd LOVE for him to come on his own before then, but either way, please keep us in your prayers!! More updates to come... :)


Anonymous said...

We are all thinking about you all and praying for you. EA

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