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39 Week (dis)Appointment ;)

Well.....I thought for sure we'd have made a little progress in a week, but this Baby Boy is cozy and hanging tight in there! 1-2 cm is all we've got so far - can you believe that?! But, the doctor said it still could be any time (hmph). I'm starting not to believe them! And, starting to get more and more impatient, mostly due to the terrible back pain I've had the past two nights. So, if it's not a trip to the bathroom waking me up, it's back spasms on the left side no matter how I lay. I even tried sleeping sitting up last night - No Good. So, I'm pooped! Baby's not, though...I don't think I've ever felt him bouncing around so much! I guess it's getting tight in there :)

I'm glad last weekend was the 4th of July instead of this weekend ~ I was all energetic thinking he'd be here any minute (hahahaha). Here we are, watching the fireworks!
Two preggers, April and me...her baby Sophia is due September 2, and Sophia and Baby Williams are going to be best friends and get married one day (LOL!!)


Anonymous said...

You are the prettiest Pregger I have every seen. Hang in there. Janet

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