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Daddy Love

Have I mentioned what an awesome daddy Ben has? You know your husband is a trooper when he fixes your Mother's Milk tea, brings it to you and uses a nursing pad (nothing gross, just catches the drips when you're not nursing) nearby as a coaster - LOL! Hey, this newborn business is HARD...we gotta find humor somewhere :)

Basically, we've just been taking it one day at a time. Nursing is 100x harder than I thought it would be, and I am tempted to throw in the towel every day. But we've made it a whole two weeks, and I really want to keep trying (sometimes;). Ben has already started in on the "fussy baby in the evening" bit....UGH. So, right when Mark comes home from work, Mr. Cranky gets going and that's our night! We're doing the best we can, though, and hoping (and PRAYING) this is a phase that will pass soon :) Again, Mark has held me up through all this with such positivity, willingness to help, and concern for my wellbeing ~ here are a few of my favorite Daddy Shots (Ben's a lucky little booger)...I love you, Babe!

* Sweet kisses *

Ben loves Daddy's big cozy arms...

This is one of the catcher's mitts Ben "gave" Mason and Chandler for his birth day. They asked if he could take a nap in it!

Big Yawn!!


Anonymous said...

Julia, I know this is the hardest job ever. But it is the best job ever. DId I show you the picture of Paul and Claire before I left (7 days after Olivia was born). It would be the best picture to use as a cause for Birth Control ever taken. They are both just sitting on the couch looking completely drained!

AND - Claire is beating herself up about giving up on the breast feeding but she also had problems with milk production. Just do what feels right and KNOW that he is a strong little Williams (not to mention pretty, adorable, sweet etc) and he will do just FINE - no matter what all the books may preach!

Olivia is being baptized Sunday so I am headed for Memphis. Take care and give little Benjamin a hug from me. Janet

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