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Takin' Care of Business!!

Memorial Day weekend was a much needed time to really knock some things off our To-Do list, and it felt so great to get them accomplished!

A few weekends ago, we bought the crib and dresser, so I worked on clearing out and organizing the nursery so we could get the furniture set up. Here's Daddy putting together the crib!!!

It turned out I can't wait to get the bedding on it! I filled up the dresser drawers with a bunch of clothes my sister Anne lent me (THANK YOU!), and had fun laying out goodies from the shower in Gastonia on top of the dresser. It's so fun to look at it all and think of our baby boy getting here soon :)

Thank goodness we had an extra day this weekend, because we still had a ton to do! We went to Lowe's and got a dimmer switch for the baby's room, bags of mulch for the flower beds, and some herbs to pot. Mark spent a lot of time on the yard getting the flower beds looking good, pruning bushes, clearing out dead stuff from the winter, and it looked GREAT! I wish I had a Before-and-After picture!!

We also finally decided on a glider rocker, bought it and took it to the upholstery place. Mom had given me some beautiful fabric that matched the nursery perfectly, so we're going to have it recovered. Here's what it looks like in style, before new fabric...I really like that it looks more like a chair than a baby-specific piece of furniture.

We also cleaned the house completely (I say "we"....meaning my sweet husband did the lion's share of the work since I tire out in 8 seconds flat these days...), and went to the grocery store, too. Good thing I started the weekend off with an insane amount of sleep ~ 8:30 pm on Friday 'til 9:00 am on Saturday!!! I knew I was going to need it!

Finally, here's the latest belly shot collage with a few new ones - the latest being 33 weeks...I don't know how much more I can stretch!!


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