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~ Nursery Time ~

I really cannot believe how busy Mark and I have been getting ready for this little one lately. Mostly it’s been none of the “fun” stuff….just making room in the house. Last week, we cleaned out SO MUCH stuff, you’d have thought we were moving! I’m talking about a garage full of extra bedding, blankets, lamps, a bedroom set of furniture, clothes (who knows why we didn’t ditch those ugly things at the last 3 yardsales we’ve had!), yards and yards of fabric from several abandoned sewing projects, toys…you name it – we’re getting rid of it!

So, we’re eyeing this enormous pile of yardsale items and reveling in how much extra room and storage we’re going to have ~ Yes, Closet Space Galore!!! ~ until we go back inside and see that it looks NO DIFFERENT. Except the closets are neater (vs. empty) and the baby’s room is now just full of random baby stuff, not our junk anymore. *SIGH*

One fun thing I’ve done, though, is pick out the fabrics and “theme” for baby’s room! Here are some pics of the fabrics ~ we’re doing green and brown for this little guy. After seeing all the tons of infant clothes in the past few months and how basically for boys, they’re all baby blue, I was already getting tired of blue, blue, blue :) So, here are the two main fabrics with the animal print for an accent:

The curtains and bumper will be the character fabric, called “Storytime”. I think it may be named after some Beatrix Potter stories? The crib skirt will be made from the stripe, and piping and ties, etc. will be the cheetah fabric. Had to spice it up some, you know?! The walls are already a nice shade of very neutral taupe that matches the browns perfectly, so no paint needed! (You're welcome, Daddy ;)

Well, tonight is the first night of our Prenatal Classes at the hospital. On the agenda for tonight….”the video” of a birth. Oh BOY. I’m not looking forward to this….more in the mindset of what I don’t know won’t hurt me ~ ha! Then tomorrow is our 3D ultrasound – I can’t wait to see my little guy’s face :) I just hope he’s not going to act shy or flip over towards my back. I might have a 20 minute video of his booty to show off, then!!! Stay tuned…


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