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Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day, I'm very thankful to be so blessed! First, what a wonderful mother I have...she's an unbelievable, never-ending supply of love, support, advice and friendship :) Thanks, Mom!! And second, I'm on my way to being a Mommy, too! I know how lucky I am to have this opportunity and am treasuring every moment.

Last week, we got another little peek at our son on 3D/4D ultrasound. "Little" peek it was, literally...he was not very cooperative!! For 45 minutes, he either faced my back or put his arm over his face, so we only got a few shots and they were a bit blurry. BUT, it was amazing watching him wiggle around in there. We got to see him playing with his ear, opening his mouth, grabbing the umbilical cord (and pulling it where? In front of his face, of course!), and kicking his little feet around ~ so sweet!!

Here's my favorite photo...look at those chubby cheeks!!

Here he is sucking on his arm....he just wouldn't put it down!

And here are those cute feet...Wow! What long toes :) (It's not really a foot cut off hanging in mid-air. It just looks like that when they pick an area to zoom in on.)

He's actually starting to look like a "real" baby in there!! It's hard for me to believe sometimes ~ until my belly starts jumping all around like it literally has a life of its own. Lately, I've been able to see and feel his feet or hands through my skin! Only 9 more weeks and I'll be holding those little feet in my own hands ~ I can't wait!!


Chrissy said...

Hope you had a Great Mother's Day!!! And a Happy Birthday as well :)

Anonymous said...

Arms are TASTY!!!!

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