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I love the month of May!

My usual two reasons for loving May: 1) it finally starts to warm up and 2) my birthday. This year, add one to it ~ Mother's Day! This was my first semi-official Mother's Day as a real mommy :) How exciting!! I got two sweet cards (one from my awesome hubby!) and flowers, too. And, at church, I got a gift they had for all the moms. It sure felt good to be a part of it all!

I had a great birthday, too. Dinner out with the girls, with Mark as my handsome date (he's such a good sport!!) Here's our picture - this one actually involves me wearing "normal" clothes instead of "the belly picture" outfit :)

We ate a delicious dinner at Carraba's and then went to Jack's Grill for an ENORMOUS piece of chocolate cake ~ does it get any better?!!

Here we are ~ celebrating Jessica and my birthdays! Tracy and April, where were you guys when we were taking pics?!! ;)


Anonymous said...

You look so pretty, Julia!!! Glowing and happy!!

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