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Third Trimester Already!

Wow! Today was officially the first day of our third trimester...only 84 more days to go! It seems like I've got a lot to do in 84 days, but when I say "July 14" in my head, that feels like FOREVER away. Other than a growing belly and "To-Do" list, not much is new in the Williams Household. Just for kicks, here's my latest belly shot (27 weeks) compared to my before-pregnancy body at just 5 weeks when nothing had changed a bit....despite what I thought at the time - Ha!! Did I REALLY think my belly was poking out a bit then? Please... ;)

I'll probably wish I hadn't posted these up here one day, but for now my excitement trumps my vanity...oh well! Boy, I need a tan, huh?!

We also got the nursery semi-cleaned out over the past few weekends. I've been working lately on our growing yardsale pile, and that's what's on Mark's agenda for this weekend: clean out the garage. We need more space to store the stuff that can no longer fit inside the house! So, something's gotta go since we're not moving to a larger dwelling :)

Other exciting happenings ~ our Prenatal Classes at the hospital start in May. I'm sure they will not be the most exciting thing content-wise, but it does mean we're getting closer and closer to meeting our little boy! We're also signed up for Lamaze classes after that. Oh, and another "milestone"...after the next doctor appointment on Friday, we go every 2 weeks!

Finally, I think we're making some progress on picking a name (whew!). We're not 100% set yet, but seem to be leaning toward a first name and probably a middle. BUT, don't get too excited ~ we've decided to wait until he's born to announce his name. (Plus, we're not committed in case we want to change our mind!!)


Chrissy said...

Glad things are going well!! Praying for good health for you and baby boy!!

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