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Look Who's Two!

Two and Terrific!!  :)  Ben's just cute as a button (sorry about his braggy mommy, ha ha!) and his Elmo Party just fit him to a tee!  We invited about five friends and went to the pool to have cupcakes and go swimming.  

Check him out swinging on a BIG BOY swing!  I think that was the first time he'd done that!

The theme of his party was Elmo.  Although he's not into TV in general, much less Sesame Street, he does seem to be interested in Elmo and has a few books and stuffed Elmos that he likes to play with.

We had cupcakes (with Elmo's face on them, of course!), fruit, goldfish (Elmo's pet is a goldfish, ha ha!), and "Elmo Oreos" ~ it wouldn't be a celebration without Ben's favorite food, you know ;)  The swirly lollipops are favors that said "Thanks for coming!" 

Lighting the candle for the birthday boy!!  We practiced the night before and he LOVES blowing candles out, asking, "More Candle"!

Ben's friends Sophia, Clara, Liam, Ensley, and Addison were there...
...and also Mimi & Pop, Grandmama & Grandaddy, and Great-grandfather Pawpaw & Ms. Alice (all the way from Gastonia!)

He had a ball opening presents (here he is wearing his new Baby Banz sunglasses he got!), but it was a little hard for him not to play with what he had just opened...I can understand that!! :).

Sliding on the playground with Chandler...
And last, but not least, (thanks to the Oreos ) looking more like Cookie Monster than Elmo ~ Ben and Mama :)


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