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Anna ~ 32 Weeks

These days, little Anna is stilllll kicking a LOT.  I just read that this week is the peak of her movements and from now on she'll move less and less because she'll be getting cramped in there!  She is turned head down now, and should weigh about 4 pounds.  Mama is feeling a lot better, maybe because I started taking probiotics and iron supplements.  I try to remember to take a Tums every night before bed because I've started getting bad leg cramps in the middle of the night like last time.  The doctor told me that Tums would help even more than eating bananas!  I'm also trying to stay out of the pool (anything to avoid more Cryptosporidium!), but it's hard with Ben...he keeps saying, "Mama in!  Mama in!"

Anna's room is finally coming together!  I found curtains,

fabrics, paint colors, a cute storage bench...

I only need to get a crib (trying to narrow it down between two choices), dresser and chair.  They're not washed yet, but I did put all her clothes on hangers and organized them by size to get a better idea of what else we might need.

At my 32 week doctor visit today, everything looked great as it always has so far - Praise God for that! :)  My feet are starting to swell a little some days, but other than that, I'm so blessed to have had a GREAT couple of weeks here lately!  Here's the latest belly shot progression...we missed a few weeks in between 20 and 28, but we'll try to make up for it in the next few weeks!


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