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Jonesborough Days

Today, Ben and I had a great time at "Jonesborough Days".  We'd never been this local festival before, so decided to brave the 90° heat to check it out.  It was VERY hot and tiring (Mama had to rest for FOUR HOURS when we got home, ha ha!!) but turned out to be all worth it....check out the video of Ben on the train ride!!  He loved it!

Here he is watching the parade.  He really liked the firetrucks...

Major refreshments were in order to survive this heat!

Ringing the bell on the choo choo :)  (AND, riding all by himself, too!  I couldn't believe what a big boy he was being.  He only tried to stand up once or twice before we got moving...thank goodness for the seatbelt!)

What a smile!!!  It makes my heart sing :)

Here's a video of Ben's first train ride!!


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