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Edisto 2011

This year, we tried out a new beach for our summer vacation.  We went to Edisto Beach, SC with the whole family, and Grandmama and Grandaddy!  Ben was LOVING all the family time, of course.  We had a great time just relaxing on the beach, as that is really just about all there is to do there, ha!! 

One thing we thought was really cool was that there were SO many dolphins!  You could look out at almost any time and after a minute, see several swimming in front of you.  Fun!  Ben was a little hesitant about the sand and water at first, saying, "UH OH!" about his feet being sandy.  We laughed and laughed and just told him he's going to be sandy for the next week or so!!

He got used to it pretty quickly, thank goodness.  I guess he still didn't like it, though, because at least once a day he'd ask me to go "home" day he even asked me a few times for "home" and "bath" ~ ha ha!!

There were so many great pictures from our trip, I couldn't decide, so I'm going to make two posts from them are the first few.

Ben eating his favorite food, Oreos.

Finally getting used to being sandy!

Fishing with brother Chandler...
and Mason!
 I'm so cute!!!

Fun times splashing Daddy :)

Napping on Mama's lap at the beach (Love Mason's action shot eating lunch in the background!)

"Otter Island" (no, there were no actual otters..ha ha)


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