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Finally! It IS a "Real Baby"!!

January 6 ~ Today I'm 13 weeks and we got a test done called an NT Scan. It checks for Downs Syndrome and a few other conditions that result from chromosomal abnormalities. All these tests sure are nervewracking!! Thank goodness, things seem to be fine according to this one, though.

I hope today's not an indication of Little One's temperament...if it is, he/she is going to be one stubborn baby! We were there 2 HOURS for what should have been a 20 minute ultrasound!! the baby just wouldn't turn its head the right way, was flinging its arm up so they couldn't get a good view of the neck skin (that's what they have to measure). Three different people came in to try to get the measurements, in between which I walked, did side bends, used the bathroom, laid on my side, did squats....everything but cartwheels - ha!! Finally they got a good picture of it, but in the meantime while we waited for baby to change positions, they got loads of other great shots. These actually look like a little human's in there!

and our favorite...the "thumb's up"!


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