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Strange Blog Names

You're probably wondering what's up with the weird blog name, huh? Well, here's the conversation between us when Mark and I told Mom the news on the phone....

Mom: ...some random talk about getting a flu shot....

Julia: "Yeah, I went ahead and got one this year, like I always do."

Mom: "Oh, that's right. Didn't you say it made you a little sick?"

Julia: "Well, I thought it was the flu shot, but you know what it really was?"

Mom: "No, what?"

Julia: "I'm having a baby!!"

Mom: "What?!" (getting a little teary) "A baby? A REAL BABY?!!"

Julia: (crying) "Yes!"

Mark: (grinning ear-to-ear, wipes a tear away :))

So, now you know ~ we're talking about a REAL BABY here! Praise the Lord!


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