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Out of the "Baby Closet"!

January 13
Today we finally told our coworkers about the baby....whew! That was hard work slipping out to all those doctor appointments and wearing lots of swing coats and huge sweaters the past few weeks. To tell his folks, Mark printed off a picture of the 4 of us that we gave his family over the weekend. On the picture, it said:

Picture Frame: $7.99
Gift Bag & Tissue: $3.49
Photo Print: $1.29

Realizing there are 5 people in this picture.........PRICELESS!!

Mike "got it" right away and was even saying, "That's great, man!" etc....but all the rest were just puzzled, or saying what a nice picture it was! So, he got a good laugh out of that.

To tell my coworkers, Mark went to the Great American Cookie Co. and got a cookie that said "Someone in EA is Having a Baby!" and delivered it to the receptionist for my building. So, she called our secretary Sharon to pick it up, and I just laughed as I listed to the chatter over the cubicles as all the girls (and Keith!) mulled over who it could possibly be!!! They kept going over Sharon's only clue: the receptionist said some handsome man in a suit dropped it off....

(I'll have to agree with that!!)

Of course, they figured it out, being there aren't that many obvious answers to that question, in my department at least! So, 5 or 6 ladies come buzzing over wanting to know if I've got something to tell!!! YES, I DO!!!


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