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16 Weeks Today!

January 27
We got to hear baby's heartbeat at the doctor again today! We saw Nurse Melissa and she was super-nice....ususally as soon as they find the heartbeat and measure it, it's over. But, she let us listen for a really long time ~ I love that sound! I'd like to strap that Doppler to my belly and hook up a set of headphones and have continuous baby-feed into my ears :)

We also "heard" it kick, too, but I couldn't feel a thing. So, now I don't feel so bad - it is happening, but it's just too early to tell.

Today the heartbeat was 160 bpm, which is stil in the "girl" range if you put any stock into that wive's tale....we'll see in just a few weeks when we go for THE BIG ONE!!!! (20 week ultrasound where we find out the sex!)


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