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Christmas 2012

This year, we kicked off Christmas with Ben's school Christmas program.  Here are Ben and Anna at school before the performance, all dressed up.  Anna's outfit was made with love by Mama!!

We took a video of his class performance, but there's really not much to see because this is what Ben looked like the entire time. HA! He kept his hands up to his mouth just like this the whole song. I think he wasn't quite sure of the words since he missed several days of school when they were practicing because he was sick...poor thing! We got a good laugh, though!

In deep thought...front row, 3rd from the left!
Next it was time to get our tree. Ben was really excited about going to the tree farm because they have hot chocolate and popcorn :) Here are some of my favorite moments from our trip:

Anna gets a ride/Daddy gets a hug:

Ben gets a ride from Chandler (thank goodness, because when we first got there, Ben must have tripped at least five times in a row as he excitedly ran around - he didn't "get it" that there were a bunch of stumps everywhere from the trees that had been cut!):


Ben's most anticipated moment: hot chocolate and popcorn!

Finally, the whole gang!!


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