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Miss Anna ~ 1 Year Old

We took Anna's first year "photo shoot" as an opportunity to get the whole family in on the deal and they turned out GREAT!  Anna was actually 14 months in these pics...growing up so fast it makes me wish I could just slow each day down and savor it even more.  Already as it is, I carry her around with me everywhere I go (an arrangement we both prefer :)  She's so lovable AND loving...always giving hugs and kisses, and snuggling at every opportunity.  And a happy girl for sure ~ she smiles and laughs all. day. long!!

Anna is getting really good at using sign language. She can "say" More, Milk, All Done, Bath, Please, Poop (as in: "I need a diaper change"!) and Help Me. "Help Me" has become a frequently used sign, and it's really helped us avoid lots of crying and whining, because whenever she's playing or eating, etc, and needs help getting a toy down from a shelf, opening a lid, peeling a banana down more, you name it...she just comes over and signs for help, and we follow her over to whatever she needs help with and problem solved! It's great since her spoken vocabulary mostly consists of Dada, Bye, More, Uh Oh, La La (I love you), Up and Mama. Oh, and na na na na na....that is what everything else is called right now, ha!

Her favorite things to do at this age are take a bath, try on Mama's shoes (she picks a certain red pair of flats EVERY time!), and bee bop to music.  Also, eating is pretty high on her list!  She carries around a snack cup of Cheerios or Goldfish most of the day, just grazing.  She's great at eating all kinds of foods, too, as long as it's baby food in a jar :)  I guess I don't blame her for not being too crazy about some "big people food" though, because she still only has six teeth!!

We have adored this first year with our baby girl. She truly is our princess :) Every day, we are amazed again at how much happiness she brings us and our whole family ~ a special girl we are so thankful to God for!!!


Michele said...

She's beautiful!

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