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Santa Came!!

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a visit to the mall Santa, ha ha!!  I really love our local Santa because it's the same one every year, and he's so, so sweet ~ just how Santa should be :)  I may have mentioned before that Anna will only be held by Mama, Daddy, and more and more often Grandmama and Grandaddy.  So, we knew it was going to be a challenge to get a photo this year with Ben and Anna on Santa's lap.  As expected, Anna was having none of this big, furry strange man holding her, but we managed to grab a decent photo before she knew what was going on!!

Ben asked for a present, a toy, and when pressed by Santa, finally asked for a dinosaur.  This year was really neat because it was the first year he could really comprehend the Santa story.  I'm so glad he wasn't afraid of him (it also helped that we told him Santa would give him a candy cane after he sat on his lap, ha ha!!)

Here's Ben and Anna putting out cookies and milk...we all got so tickled at Anna swiping Santa's Oreos!

Checking out what Old St. Nick brought!  Ben got a dinosaur (of course, since that is the only thing he asked Santa for!), a marble run that we had to drag him away from to open other gifts, an art easel to share with Anna, and Anna also got a wooden walker with a xylophone and other fun things on it. 

We've had a yellow Elmo chair for several months that's been such a hit. Even though Mama had to hit up Ebay to find another one exactly like it, Ben still asks which one is Anna's so he can sit in THAT one.  Goodness!!

Funny pic of Anna playing with Ben's Santa hat...

Christmas Morning, 2012


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