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Happy Days

I sure haven't been doing well on posting frequency the past few months.  I'm only averaging about one a month, and that's not nearly enough to cover all the fun we've been having! :)  And that's the reason the posts have been few and far between...but, I'm ok with soaking up all these sweet times with Ben and Anna ~ there will be time to post later :)

So, what have we been doing?! 

Teaching Anna how to dance!!

Transitioning Anna from two naps to one...

Ben was invited to about 10 birthday parties in the past few months ~ whew!

Haircuts at "Earl's House", as Ben calls is (he must think Earl lives at the barbershop:)...

...and PASTA Painting!!
Snuggling, even if just for a brief moment :)
This is our "Thankful Tree".  We started off with no leaves, and each night everyone would write something they were thankful for on a leaf.  We filled up the tree and it looked beautiful!  Some of my favorites from Ben were:  lightbulbs, Easter eggs, candy, smoke alarms, "my tummy doesn't hurt", Bunny, and "my Mommy".
Grocery shopping...Ben has been LOVING coming with me and pushing his own cart.  He minds so well, stays right with me, and you can really tell he feels like such a big boy!!  The cutest part is that he brings Bunny and puts him in the cart where the kids usually ride - ha ha!!
Finally, one of Ben's favorite activities - making cupcakes.  Turkey cupcakes for his class party:
Wowee!!  Super busy we've been, but it's been a blast!


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