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"Hoppy" Easter!

Ahhh....warm weather is here! I just HOPE to stay :) We had a great Easter weekend ~ of course, the Easter Bunny came to see Ben! We didn't actually visit a furry, costumed bunny-person, but did spend a lot of time at church and just enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I just loved Ben's cute little bunny outfit...I don't get the chance to "dress him up" this much very often ~ it was so fun!!

He's always so good for the camera. He seems to just know when he's supposed to smile :) But he's still not crazy about being in the grass, and THIS is what he thinks of (even worse) being in a basket. GEEZ, Mom....gimme a break!

Finally, fun times blowing bubbles at the church Easter Egg hunt on Saturday!!


Michele said...

His little smile is sooooo precious!

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