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~~ Ben Takes a Swim ~~

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Knoxville to meet up with my friend Tomika and her baby Tamyra. They live in Houston so it was great to get to see them!!! We had a nice lunch at Calhoun's and enjoyed getting to know each other's little ones :) Ben got to sit in a "big boy" high chair for the first think he liked it?!

After lunch we stopped in Pigeon Forge to spend the rest of the weekend eating and shopping. Back at the hotel, Ben had a ball in the Pack-n-Play, which was really nice considering I didn't want him crawling around on the yucky hotel room carpet.

This enjoyment of his own personal play land, full of fantastic toys, only lasted about a week, though. Unfortunately, he eventually came to see the PNP as a jail-like apparatus used to keep him from having fun with the rest of us - ha!!

Mark and I were particularly excited about the hotel pool; in fact, I specifically searched for a place to stay with a "good" indoor pool so Ben could go swimming. We figured since he was crazy about taking baths, a pool would just be GREAT. Well.....somebody wasn't quite so sure!!!

You want me to do what??Pep talk from Daddy..."Mama, are you sure?!"Awwwww! There's a smile!!! :)


Tomika said...

I love how you called it "a few weeks ago". :) It was a great time, though. Also, it's shocking when you open someone else's blog and find a picture of yourself!

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