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How About This Weather?!

Haven't these sunny days been just wonderful?! Ben and I have been thoroughly enjoying them...getting out every day to take a ride in his "new car", blow bubbles, or just hang out on a blanket in the yard. I mentioned in my last post that Ben doesn't like the grass too much, so for ONCE, he will actually stay put if I put him on a blanket, in order not to touch the icky grass (that is, unless he decides to eat the clover like he did a few days ago)! He will not, though, keep his sunglasses on...they stayed on for about 5 minutes the first time and haven't ever since ~ ha!

His absolute favorite thing to do lately is to take a "car ride". My friend Lisa gave him this push car and he's crazy about it! I can't get over how cute he is holding onto the steering wheel like he's really driving :) Here's his first ride:

Soooooommmmmeeebody knows they're CUTE!Well, I think he's right!! (And I promise, I didn't pose him like this, either! He's such a ham!!)


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