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Tales from the Cell Phone Cam

Every now and then, there's just not time to grab the big camera to catch those sweet little things you don't want to forget :) Here are a few shots from my cell phone camera...

Here's my little monkey in his Johnny Jump-Up. Apparently it's not fun enough just to jump; it's better to swing back and forth until you reach another toy and then climb up on it to eat the plastic parrot-on-a-spring on top :)
Sometimes in the car, the mirror back there gets knocked sideways and I can't see Ben. So, if I'm wondering if he's asleep or not, or just OK because he's been quiet for a while, I stick my phone over the seat and click a picture. Precious!!Ben's found a great new toy. His brother's baseball cup. HA! He's discovered that it spins nicely on the hardwood floor, so he probably spent a good ten minutes throwing it around. Oh well. I guess there are worse things to play with!Hangin' at the mall, smiling for his big brothers :)
These are pictures of the video monitor on three random days. For some reason, after a nap if I don't get up there right away, he looks into the camera like, "Hey MOM! I'm awake, you know!! Where are you?" Of course, he can't comprehend that I see what the camera sees, but it's WEIRD how he always looks right into it, as if he KNOWS!!Finally, my favorite lately....his first ride in the shopping cart like a big boy!! I wiped that thing down better than I scrub our toilets ~ ha!! He did pretty well, and it was much easier than hoisting the car seat into the buggy (leaving no room for groceries!).


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