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Eight Month Little Man

I feel like I haven't blogged much lately, but we've been so busy ~ Ben's 7th month has flown by :( He's rapidly gone from mastering sitting up and crawling to now pulling up on everything in sight and trying to cruise around a little bit. In just a week's time, he's gotten very good at standing assisted, and I don't have to chase around behind him to keep him from bonking his face on things now that he's figured out how to "land" when he wants down. He's also mastered handling the paci - yay!! Now he can just find one and pop it in his mouth whenever he wants....ahhhhh, so nice!

I'm so glad I take TONS of pictures, because looking back, so many little things come and go so quickly. Ben used to do the cutest thing before he could crawl ~ I called it his yoga "Downward Dog" pose :) Already, though, he's left that move behind for something new!

It's so fun to see him being such a big boy...even though this means I have less and less time to do things around the house, such as take a shower, chores, etc. The ONLY thing that can safely "contain" him now is the pack-n-play or crib. Unfortunately, he figured out how to escape the Exersaucer a few weeks ago!!

Who me? I wouldn't do that!!

Last month, Ben also got more teeth! One of his top ones broke though, and the other top one is on its way. The top ones are much worse than the bottom ones for him. So, we've had several nights with lots of waking and crying, but it really hasn't been too bad.

Ben also got dedicated at church a few weeks ago. He looked so handsome in his little khakis and sweater!

Ben's main objective each day is to pull up and explore everything in sight. This is the first time he pulled up in the Pack n Play....doesn't he look so happy with himself?!


Anonymous said...

He has a hallo! He is so cute. Fredna, Marsha and I are so excited about the new pictures. It makes our day!!!

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