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I. Am. So. Done.

With those last few posts I wanted to make sure I got in, I am officially off the hook as author of this blog :)  Of course, I still plan to post periodically (quarterly?  semi-annually?), but not nearly as often as I used to.  As you may have noticed, everything I post now is a few months late anyway.  As Ben and Anna get older and busier, I have less and less time.  Combine that with a SUPER old laptop that makes 10 minute tasks into hour ordeals and just isn't happening. 

I can blog with my iPad or phone, but some of the pictures I take are on my (also old) DSLR camera, so it's hard to get to them.  And vice versa:  when I'm on my laptop, most of the time my current cell phone pictures aren't transferred over yet. 

I feel like this blog has served its purpose.  In the beginning, it was a way to inform and communicate with family members and friends.  For me, it quickly turned into a record of my babies' infancy and toddlerhood...those moments are precious, and I didn't want to forget a thing!  Maybe one day, I'll make a book out of it for them.  In the meantime, I have started another blog that I update much more frequently, but with much less detail (maybe not a bad thing, ha ha!!).  Sometimes, it's just one picture.  I can do it from my phone, so it's no problem to put up a quick post while waiting in the car line at preschool, or right before I go to bed at night.  For anyone interested in popping in occasionally, the web address is:

Until next month/quarter/milestone/whatever....I'm signing off!!



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