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Christmas 2013, Part 1

Hopefully "better late than never"...what a blessed Christmas we had last year!

Anna performed in her very first school program! No butterflies here! :)

Ben had a great time singing, too...
Grandmamma and Grandaddy came to see the show.
These two (and their mommy!) love crafting, so we did lots.  Decorating gingerbread people...
We got the felt tree and ornaments from last year back out, and it was a hit again :)


Something extra special we did was make cinnamon ornaments.  They smelled so good on the tree!  We took one to our favorite neighbors, Jeff and Betsy, and they were thrilled to have one :)

Of course, we had to go to the mall to sit on Santa's lap.  I love that they have the same one every year!  Anna was NOT a fan, but after two tries, made it long enough to get a good picture (actually a fluke - I do not recall her smiling at all, ha!!)  Of course, Mommy and Daddy were all of two feet away, and she wanted to be like big brother....well, maybe next year :)
Ben told Santa he wanted a dinosaur.
When we visited Meme and Pop for Christmas, we got to go to a special lunch with Santa.  Again, Anna was having none of this.  She agreed to stand as far away as possible from Santa while holding Ben's hand for a quick photo, but no more.  After lunch when we were leaving, though, we all got a good laugh.  From a safe distance with Pop holding her, she yelled at Santa, "MINNIE MOUSE, ELMO!"  Just making sure Santa got that wish list before we left, Ha Ha!!!

The whole gang!

Anna loves dessert buffets
Finally, here is the photo we used for our Christmas card this year.  Thank goodness one photo was good out of the fifty I took, ha ha!!


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