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Our Little Lady Bug

For Anna's first birthday, we celebrated our sweet girl with a Lady Bug birthday party :)  Here's the birthday girl in her lady bug dress...there was a lady bug hair bow, too, but the longest it stayed in was about 20 seconds!!

Here is the invitation ~ Ben helped me make these by punching out the black dots and he was SO very proud of himself!

My favorite part was the month-by-month progression of Anna pictures, showing how she grew and changed over her first year.  It's still hanging up because we love looking at all those precious moments :)

Lots of family and friends came to see Miss Anna on her big day.  Grandmama and Grandaddy Morin, Grandpa and Sue Williams, Nana and Uncle Tom from home came, as well as Meme and Pop, and her GREAT Grandfather Dunn and Mrs. Alice came from Gastonia!!

She loved her black and red high chair tutu, but not so much the birthday hat Mama made for her :( 

"Happy Birthday to You!"
Her cake was a ladybug, of course!

Anna was curious, but not too crazy about this cake smashing business...

She even decided to share some with big brother Ben!

We also had cupcakes for our friends, and cute little lady bug pretzels.

Our poor little Lady Bug...enough of this being MESSY business.  "Clean me up now, please!!"

Anna had lots of fun opening gifts (and got lots of "help" from her eager brother Ben!).  She got several baby dolls, a tea set, a baby stroller that she loves pushing around, and dinosaur rider/walker that she imitates and says, "ROAR!" cute!!  Outfits, hairbows, books, and stuffed animals, gifts for little Anna!

Favors for our friends in thanks for coming..."Lady Bug Food" black and red M&Ms.

Happy Girl ~ ~ ~ "I'm One!"


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