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Happy Birthday, Baby Anna!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Baby Anna!!

Where has this year gone?  I'm not sure, but I do know it was such a sweet, precious time.  Our little Anna absolutely captured our hearts with her beautiful smile, easy-going attitude, and sweet snuggles and cuddles!

She loves to dance to music, and bee bops with her head whenever she hears a tune :)  Anna laughs a ton, especially at Ben and Daddy!  She's growing up and gaining independence...lately, she has decided that she will NOT wear a bow in her hair!  Oh no :(  I sure hope that's just a passing phase.  She helps me dress her by holding up her feet when it's time to put each shoe on, and pulling and tugging her shorts off for a diaper change.
Anna on the morning of her birthday...having a tea party with her best friend Bunny :)

Another tooth came through this month, and with it came a LOT of early morning wakings.  Mark and I started taking turns getting up with her between 5-6 a.m., until one day by accident she went to bed an hour later and just like that...she slept an hour later!!  Normally, wake up times haven't changed, or have only gotten worse, with a later bedtime.  Thank goodness for that late night, though!  She's now sleeping from 8:30 p.m.- 7:00 a.m...whew!
Apparently, Ben is not a fan of Anna's driving!

A huge change for Anna and Mommy this month was the end of our nursing journey.  It was a sweet, special time, and I'm super proud of us both for making it a whole YEAR!  Anna, being the wonderful, flexible baby she always is, switched over the the bottle just fine.  And, we still get lots of snuggle time in when she's drinking a bottle four times a day.

Anna's favorite trick right now is blowing kisses ~ it is so stinking precious!

Of course, we celebrated her first birthday in style with a "Lady Bug" themed party :)  On the actual day of her birthday, though, our family went to Winged Deer park for a fun picnic. 

Fun times with Chandler :)

** Daddy Love **

We love you so much, our Baby Anna!  Happy Birthday!


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