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Anna ~ 11 Months

Miss Anna is growing and changing faster than I can keep up with these days!  Lots of things were new in her eleventh month...

She's now pulling up a lot more and cruising the furniture some.  She points a LOT, most of the time to one of us, but more and more to things she's interested in or wants.  anna's getting good at imitating sounds, and says Mama and Uh Oh!  (Then we pick the cup/spoon/etc up off the floor, hand it back to her, and she says "Uh oh!" again before flinging it down...ha ha!!)  She's also eating a few finger foods like pieces of bread and cheerios, and drinking milk from a sippy.   

This little girl LooooooVES her Daddy! 

Probably the biggest change this month was the arrival of her first tooth!  Not only did she s-l-o-w-l-y get that tooth, but along with all the fun to be had with teething, she decided to totally boycott the paci.  That's right - she completely refused it one day and has never looked back....UGH!  There goes Mommy's magic sleepy button, magic "cure-all most of the time" button!! :(  I guess it hurt her gums when they were sore from the tooth, and she doesn't want a thing to do with a paci now.  Of course, it's probably because I had finally given in and bought about TEN so we wouldn't be hunting for them all the time.  Oh well!

Anna is so proud that she can climb up on the fire truck and go for a ride all by herself!

So, after much struggle and fruitless coaxing for a week or two of stressful, sometimes unsuccessful naptimes, we finally bit the bullet and did some sleep training to try to get Anna to sleep more and better.  Let me just say WHEW!  First we worked on nights, and after just two nights, Anna was putting herself to sleep at 7:30 and not waking until after 6:30!!  No more 3 a.m. wake up calls!!  Naps took a few days, too, but she got right back on track after a few days and all is well with her two naps each rocking or pacis - I can hardly believe it!!

Here's a cute video:  "Anna vs. Grass"  You'll see why she's ALWAYS in the push car or wagon when we go outside!! (Remember videos don't work on the emails - you have to go to the blog on the web!)


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