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November 2011

Well, I'm a little behind on posting here lately, but we had a fun November and I wanted to post some pictures.  Ben is still doing GREAT at school!!  He adores his teacher Ms. Nita and runs into her class every excited to be there!!  I am so thankful he has a teacher that loves and cares for him so much :)  Here's his very first "school picture"....I know he's got many more to go in the coming years, but it's going to be hard to top this one!  I think they did a wonderful job, but of course, Mommy might be a little biased ;)

We attended our annual family reunion "Sumner/Caldwell" football was Anna's first one!  It was so cold, Anna, Ben, and Mommy stayed in the car for the picnic part.  Thank goodness both kiddos were asleep.  Then we went to the mall and strolled around while the older boys went to the game.  It was great seeing family and everyone just loved meeting little Anna.

Go Heels!
  Anna and Mommy both had colds this month.  Again.  Poor little baby has already had two in her life and she had started sleeping through the night a little, but then reverted back to her newborn ways waking up every few hours because she couldn't breathe.  I even heard her sneeze herself awake once!

 Ohhhhh, the leaves.  And more leaves.  Ben has had a great time this fall thanks to the leaves.  Mark has not, ha ha!!  He was so tired of blowing leaves by the time it was all done, I thought we might lose a tree or two!
 Ben went to school to eat lunch for Chandler's birthday this year (at Chandler's request, too)!  All the kids just go crazy over Ben and think he's so cute and fun.  They want him to say their name or sit beside him and things like that, so Ben loves it, too.

 Anna....starting to hold her head up a little!!!

Last but not least, we had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving.  We ate at Grandmamma and Grandaddy's house this year.  Ben wore his turkey headband from school, and we made place cards in the form of pilgrims and Indians (oh, and a turkey!) for everyone.  It was hard to decide who was the biggest turkey in the family (ha!) but in the end, the honor went to Uncle Tom.  After all, his name is "Tom"!!


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