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Anna ~ 3 Months

Our sweet little girl is three months old!!  She is really becoming so much more "person"-like...smiling at us, even laughing sometimes :)  She loves Mommy's ponytail when it bops around as I'm looking down while changing her diaper or clothes and just beams when I talk to her, even waking up from naps with huge grins!!

Anna has moved into size 3 Month clothes and is still in size 1 diapers.  At night, she usually goes to bed around 9 or 9:30 and wakes up once during the night around 3-ish.  Then it's up around 7 or 7:30 to start the day....but not for long, because she always wants to nap again around 8:30.  A handful of times, she has slept all night (well, at least until 5 or 6:00), but as of now, that's the exception and not the rule.  Maybe soon, though!! 

Everywhere I go, everyone says what a SWEET baby she is...and it's really true.  She's very content and hardly ever cries unless she's super hungry or tired.  And then, just picking her up and holding her (and a paci, of course!) will comfort her. 

Anna's listening to big brother Ben read her a story.

By this time in Ben's life, his eyes had started to show little flecks of brown and green that went on to increase until his eyes were completely hazel.  Anna's are still quite blue, though, and are actually a bit lighter blue close to her pupil than they were at birth.  Maybe she'll keep those gorgeous blue eyes she got from her daddy!!  


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