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Ben's Very FIRST School Play!

This Christmas, Ben had his first of many school performance :) It was the Christmas program for preschool, and even though they're only two, his age group got to participate!

As with all "firsts", we didn't know what he'd think about being up on stage in front of crowd, but he didn't bat an eye!! Well, OK, actually, when he saw Mark come close to take pictures, Ms. Nita (his teacher) said he got a little whiney for Daddy, but she reminded him of their song they needed to sing in order to go back to the classroom to get some candy. That apparently did the trick ASAP, ha!!!

Singing songs, doing the sign language...

 Having fun!!  I was SO PROUD (and SO relieved he wasn't scared!)

 Lots of kids...the two year olds came on stage with the entire rest of the preschool at the end of the performace for their part.  You can see his teacher Ms. Nita keeping everyone going...I don't know how she does it!
 Ughhh....getting boring.  How much longer do we have to sing before I get that candy??

 Boredom = picking at the hairbow in front of you.  Apparently the candy trick didn't work for the little girl next to Ben!  He didn't even notice her the whole time, LOL!

Here's a little 1-minute video of the performance :) (Remember these videos won't work from the email; you must click through and actually go to the blog webpage!)

Here's another 2-minute clip that's pretty funny...Ben has a hard time keeping his hands to himself, and the nose-picker beside him (from the first video) becomes a screaming banshee!!

Lastly, all the children worked on some very special art for the school fundraiser that Mommy and Daddy could purchase (tee hee!)'s Ben's ~ worth every penny!!!


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