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Stillllll Partying!

I was thinking that being two years old calls for two posts with the birthday festivities :)  So, here are a few pictures from when we celebrated at home.  

First thing on the day of his birthday:  "Why are you singing 'Happy Birthday', Mommy?"  (I think I'll take one of these every year...Click here to see him back on his first birthday!)

Somebody's excited about Elmo cupcakes!!

This was Ben's reaction when we tried to get him to put down the ball and bat to open the next gift...ha ha ha!!!


Can't wait to blow the candles out (again!!)

Playing with the Pirate Ship water table we got him - splashing Mommy and Daddy seems to be the best part!!

Ben with Great Grandmother Nana...

Giving big brother Mason some spanks with the help of Uncle Tom!


Our Happy Little Fella!!


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