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Anna's 3D Ultrasound

A few weeks ago, we excitedly went in for Anna's 3D/4D ultrasound.  I was SO hoping she'd be more cooperative than Ben was for his (remember he kept his arm over his face almost the entire time, or turned toward my back!).  Wellllllll......believe it or not, she was actually WORSE!  Boy, did I think the pictures from Ben's ultasound were "iffy"...wait 'til you see these, ha!!  That's OK, though...we did get one or two good looks at her face from the side or top, and I thought she really looked like Ben in the womb!!

The ultrasound tech said we had a few things working against was that she had her face pressed really hard up against me - so that made a lot of her face pics look distorted, especially her nose.  Her nose and mouth also looked strange in a lot of the images because the umbilical cord was right over them.  Apparently, they can "look through" parts like the cord sometimes, but it might look odd (which it did).  Also, since she was so pressed up against me, there wasn't much amniotic fluid,which is a must to get a good ultrasound pictures.  Maybe the waves have to have that to go through to make a good image?  Oh well...given those things, maybe we didn't do so badly after all!

We did get to see her moving around in general, which was amazing, of course.  At one point, we saw her open and close her mouth so clearly, and another time, we could see little fingers in front of her face!  Here are some pictures....

This one is of her face slightly from the side (the brown picture) and the 2D black and white picture is her profile.

Here's her face again, looking down with her hand over part of it - you can tell the hand by all the fingers showing.  It was so neat to watch her waving those sweet little hands around!

 Another face and hand picture, but I especially loved this one because it looks like she's sleepy, rubbing her eyes.  Check out those FAT CHEEKS!!

And, finally, we made SURE to verify for the third time that she was "still" a she...IT'S (still) A GIRL!! :)


Charlsey said...

Oh my gosh, does Mark know what trouble he is in for with a girl on the way?! :) Miss you guys!

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