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Ben Goes to School!

We're so proud of Ben!  His first day of preschool went GREAT!!  Daddy took him and he was a happy camper thanks to a special treat of Apple Jacks for the morning snack.  He told Daddy, "Bye bye" and his teacher Mrs. Juanita said he didn't shed a tear ALL DAY!  What a relief that was for Mama :)

We've been "practicing" for preschool (i.e. being away from Mama, Daddy or Grandmama for a little bit) by way of the church nursery, and honestly it wasn't going well at all.  So, I was glued to my phone just waiting for "the call" to come get him due to excessive crying.  Well, that didn't happen ~ WHEW!  I was so anxious for him, I even dreamed about it the night before and had a belly ache when I woke up, ha ha ha!!!

My sweet little baby, all grown up....*sniff sniff*....


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