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Two Months Away from TWO!

Twenty-two months old...Wow!  Ben was just turning one yesterday, it seems!  Little Man is growing and changing so much lately, and it's SO cute :)  He is really into copying us these days.  You never know what will come out of his mouth after it comes out of yours, ha ha!!  He also likes getting a laugh out of you, and knows that saying, "OH, Baby Bobo!" will do it (don't know where he came up with that?) so he hams it up for us often. 

Here we are watching Baby Einstein on the computer ~ love that snuggling! 

This is his "smile" when he's getting his picture taken...
A week or so ago, Ben had another little bug, and wasn't quite feeling himself :(

Daddy and Ben on the blowups at Rita's for the First Day of Spring! celebration

Trying on Daddy's shoes for size!!

Fun times at Wallabies at one of his first "real" birthday parties he attended.


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