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My Lil' Monkey Goes to the Zoo

Last month, we took Ben on his first trip to a zoo!  We went on a gorgeous Saturday to the Knoxville Zoo and had a fabulous day :)  Lately, he's been a little anti-stroller, so I was worried about that, but really, at his was going to be stroller or nothing at a place like the zoo.  Fortunately, he did GREAT.

First stop:  the penguins.  Some of the animals were a little difficult to see from a stroller, but these little guys were right on Ben's level ~ he loved them!

Here's his cute little safety tattoo...I thought he'd hate it since he's not into Band-Aids these days, but Mark and I talked it up about being cool, and he didn't mind it a bit! 
Next stop after the penguins was the camels.  These guys were fenced in, but you could pet them as they stuck their heads over the fence, and even pay to ride on them!!
I think the Merry-Go-Round was one of Ben's favorite things...he was such a big boy riding it!!

The Knoxville Zoo has a wonderful, entire area just for little children.  We spent a lot of time here on the slides, Merry-Go-Round, and petting's Ben brushing a goat!

We also got to see monkeys, elephants, lots of snakes, giraffes, really cute meerkats, and of course, lions and tigers. 

Whew! As soon as we headed for the car, Little Man was OUT!  What a big, fun day for us all :)


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