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Our Excitement for the Day

I may have mentioned it in an earlier post, but Ben's MOST favorite thing to do lately is to "drive".  He is just crazy about simply sitting in the parked car (ignition off, of course) and pushing all the buttons and opening/closing the garage door a hundred times.  (All I can think of is "Wonder how much sooner we're going to have to buy a new garage door motor because of this??").  He will even ask for the keys and say, "Bye bye" in..."Close the door and let me drive by myself"..ha!!

So, we typically let him do all this while we're outside doing other stuff, and be SURE to open at least one other door and/or window since he has the keys in there.  Welllll.....even the best plans go awry once in a while. 

Yes, Ben got locked in the car today :(  Poor little thing thought it was funny for about 10 minutes, and then bawled for the next 20 minutes until Pop-A-Lock got there.  You see, we only have one set of keys to my car.  That little booger somehow managed to hold onto the keys, open the driver door, hit the lock button on it, close it, then climb in the back driver door that I had opened so this exact thing wouldn't happen, and close it - while I was unloading our bags just from the garage to the dining room (not far!) from our trip to Gastonia this weekend. 

Well...lesson learned (by me,  not him - he wanted to drive again less than an hour later!!!)....1). no more driving with the keys, even with other doors open.  And 2).  Call Pop-A-Lock if it even happens again.  They were there in 20 minutes and it's FREE if a child is locked inside the car, LOL!!!

My poor baby...he was fine until I put him down to capture the moment for all eternity ;)


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